The New York State office will be located in

Western New York.

You can reach us via email  or phone at:

attn: Jose A. Quinones - Visot

Silver Creek, NY, 14136

716-217-0083 cell / office

A big THANK YOU goes out to the Senior Seminar class at Temple University School of Tourism & Hospitality Management.  Their newsletter The  Affiliate provides us with the first article/spotlight written.  Again, THANK YOU and proud alumni.... Go Owls !!!!

October 1,

Child receives a Casio Keyboard so he can start piano lessons, Silver Creek, NY.

March 1,

Child receives partial sponsorship for program fee with his Baseball team at Quinco baseball Academy, Winter Park, FL.

March  1,

Two children receive sponsorship's to start Ballet/Dance classes, One child receives a full sponsorship and the other receives a partial sponsorship's to Hozanna Ballet Academy, Kissimmee, FL.

February 20,

A child receives a bundle of Art supplies: sketch pads, canvas with acrylic paint and brushes, colored pencils, art book, charcoal sketch set, set of rulers, and sketch pencils with bag. Davenport, FL.

February 15,

Child receives sponsorship for monthly program fee with her Volleyball team at Aspire Higher Volleyball, Orlando, FL.

February 4, Three children receive sponsorship to participate in Champions Gate Karate 2nd Karate Tournament, Davenport, FL.

February 4,

Child receives "Bo Staff" equipment in order to start training and to compete in weapons divisions within Karate Tournaments.

January 8,

Child receives sponsorship to attend 5th Annual "Battle on the Bay" Youth Wrestling Tournament. Erie, PA.



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Silver Creek, NY, 14136

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